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have we said goodbye yet

have we said goodbye yet
surely those are tears
falling ever so softly
slowly down your cheeks
have we said goodbye yet
my heart still beats
yet aches a bit inside
still I know I'll survive
let us say goodbye now
chins tipped proud
voices unwavering
believing this is easy
as we say goodbye now
let go bit by bit
pretend it doesn't hurt
the way we used to fit

I think I need to re-think the folks I follow on Twitter. Actually, I just need to swallow my annoyance with all the politically laced tweets I keep getting. Look, I'm all for supporting your party and all of that. But I like the advice of "never talking politics or religion." I think some of the people I follow on Twitter (not personal friends at all) need to remember that, especially if they're "celebrity" types.

But that's just me. I apparently need just quell my impatience. Or maybe post one big STFU.

Know what I mean?

Karl as McCoy is my new wallpaper at work

Look, Karl Urban as McCoy! I'm so excited. And I must wait much too long to watch this movie.
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