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where there is longing

where there is longing
I wait ever patient
seduced by anticipation
intrigued by not knowing
where there is longing
I savor each touch
unbent by the waiting
unwavering alone
where there is longing
I give in piece by piece
falling into the sweetness
drowning in uncertainty
where there is longing
I taste every whisper
unbroken by the pressure
overtaken by the pleasure
where there is longing

I had candy in the morning and tri-tip for lunch. Spoiled! Leftovers all, but who cares? Not me!

I feel as though my days are filled with incoherent thoughts and I'm afraid of sorting them all out. So I go along, clinging to the tangible, hoping to slither out of this funk. Is it the weather? Is it the dullness in me overtaking? No one knows. No one has an answer.

Now tis time to watch the A's game.
Tags: poetry
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