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one last

one last breath
the skies open wide
light streams bright
on wings of the dove
one last sigh
the weary soul awakens
eyes up to the heavens
ready to fly above
one last dream
eternal in its promise
leaving only this
one final wish of love

Sometimes I do requests and such is the poem above.

Oh, and my friend likes it. I'm glad. Makes me feel useful.

Holli pauses to check something out

Sometimes my Blackberry takes decent pictures. :)

I dreamt the other night about Ryan Gosling. Either I or someone else was asking Ryan why he was working out so much. LOL! And then Chris Conrad, his co-star from Young Hercules, came along and they went on to do something. I don't know what. Need a visual of them workng together?

a lady in hades

And then last night I dreamt that I was at a high school reunion and I was looking through a picture book of my fellow classmates. For some reason Greg Lee was on a couple of pages as if we were classmates. LOL! Weird. But I can't remember if he was in the dream.

Oh well.

The A's won, as did Greg Smith. He didn't get Hudsoned. LOL!
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