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Thursday randomness

I can't remember when this happened.  Was it the other morning?

I stood at the mailbox and the wind rustled through the tree branches.  A wonderful wildness coursed through the air.  Something inside me sparked and I felt utterly alive.

Just one of those moments.

I made a new user pic.  It's Dan Carter, a back for the New Zealand All Blacks.  (I think he's a flyhalf?  I have no idea!)  Rugby rocks.  I just need to learn the rules and the positions.  Brutal game, but fun to watch.  Football has nothing on rugby.  LOL!  Anyhoo, the pic is from his Jockey ad.  Yeah.  ;)

One of these days I'll do a "look back at 2005" but right now I just don't feel like it.  LOL!

We went to CompUSA and Best Buy yesterday.  Even though I have Serenity on DVD, I bought it on UMD.  I'm such a consumer!  I also bought season one of The Office.  When am I going to watch all my DVDs?  :P

Still sad I won't be going to the Xena convention in Burbank.  I wanted that margarita, darn it!  ;)
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