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I am forgotten

I am forgotten
my loyalty discarded
reasons unknown
explanations untold
I am forgotten
a memory tossed aside
or merely tucked away
leaving an ache either way
I am forgotten
a notch for the ego
a reminder of adoration
now taken for granted
I am forgotten
pretending all is well
nursing hope growing cold
my faith unwavering
Yet I am forgotten
cast aside with time's tide
a spark fading fast
yet promising ever to last

I think I've written a poem like that before. Oh well!

So, I'm trying out yet another microblogging place. This one is called Rejaw. I like trying new things. It would be nice if there was a way to follow on IM or text though. Hence I'll always use Twitter. For now. Perhaps one of these microblogging things will realize that Twitter's appeal is in the texting. At least for me. :P

Now I'm off to watch Men's Diving while having some chocolate donuts. Yeah, healthy, I know.
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