Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

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imitating chaos

standing still
aware yet anaware
frozen in silence
the world roars
imitating chaos
eyes closed
against the light
praying for obliteration
bribing pain
for the ultimate end

I'm sad that Carlos Ponce's site is mostly in Spanish. I don't understand as much Spanish as I'd like. Bummer.

Also, I get irritated whenever I see those JC Penney commercials. First off, kids are never that happy to be in school much less suspsension. And secondly, why try to ruin the whole Breakfast Club vibe? It's so insulting. IMO, of course. Ugh!

My cousin's best friend is working in Beijing and I only recently discovered her blog. It's a fascinating read! I wish I had known about it when she first got there. LOL! :)
Tags: poetry
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