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once more for you

why do I cling
onto wisps of memory
simmering an old heat
reviving a lost breath
just to feel breathless
once more for you
close my eyes
imagining the touch
soft along my skin
pure fantasy at its best
just to lose myself
once more for you
what is this longing
this incessant tingle
coursing my veins
mocking my veil of sanity
just to shatter my control
once more for you

I gave in. I caved in. I bought "Single" by New Kids on the Block even though I KNOW I'm going to buy their album when it finally comes out next month. I'm weak. I'll admit it.

Babies are everywhere! My sister's friend had her girl on Friday, my co-worker had her boy on Saturday, my friend had her boy on Monday, and my cousin is due ANY DAY. Babies, everywhere! Welcome to the world, little ones! :)

good breakfast

My co-worker brought this to me this morning. YUM! It helped my achy neck. Good breakfast. This time I wasn't so buzzed. LOL!

Must alphabetize then input in Excel
work ahead

I will maybe alphabetize but definitely input in excel that big stack of paper. Watch me. Wonder how long it will take me.

The Olympics come on in about 45 minutes. I'm sure I'll get lured to watching again. Oh, but my A's are on right now. What am I doing on the computer?!
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