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A most wonderful Christmas to everyone! Best wishes to you all! I hope that the season brings you close to your loved ones. :)

I took the longest nap while football was on. Holli was wrapped up on top of me and she slept too. Isn't that just adorable?! :D

I wrapped Christmas gifts for tomorrow as I listened to my Christmas playlist. I so love Christmas music! And I love wrapping gifts. I never use ribbons or bows though. Just wrapping paper and gift tags. :P

As we spend a quiet Christmas Eve together, I can't help but remember the Christmas Eves from my childhood. The 24th was my grandfather's birthday, so the family got together every December 24th evening (and so freeing up the 25th for other family stuff). We would hang out and eat most of the night. Sometimes we braved the chill and crowd and attended midnight mass at the closest church. Othertimes we would do our gift exchange at midnight. I can remember one Christmas Eve sitting on the top steps with my sister and cousins at my Aunt's house. I can see the tree below and everyone laughing and singing. So loud and so comforting.

I miss those times.

I can't even remember what kind of presents we got those years. Sure, it was GREAT tearing the wrapping paper and revealing the mystery of various gifts, but the feeling of being with my family is what sticks with me. Talking with my cousins, eating all the food (oh so much food!), listening to the chatter in English and Tagalog-- these are the things that make me smile about the holidays.

I remember the one Christmas when my uncle just rocked the lastest baby in the family for a couple of hours. He just held her and talked to her and kept her quiet (she was a loud crier). He didn't mind just spending time with her.

And here's another Holli picture, this time with our lab. :D

Holli is so much smaller than Meggie...
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