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when life spins

when life spins
out of control
out of reach
rushing hard
chaos in control
confusion in reach
nothing makes sense
everything is possible
reality has no place
dreams rumble in storms
silence mocks sensibilities
darkness holds the answer
when life spins
onward without direction
onward without meaning
sparing none in its path
without reason
without discipline
with only its will to survive
knowing nothing more

My cousin is due any day now! I'm hoping she has her little one tomorrow. 08-08-08! How awesome would that be? It would be awesome! Then I can have the whole weekend to visit and ooh and aah over a new baby. Can't wait! :D

Lunch at La Fuente

Got treated for lunch! Isn't that so sweet? I think it's totally sweet. It was nice to get out of the office during the workday. :)
Tags: poetry
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