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it's all my fault

it's all my fault
you believed me
thinking this adoration
stemmed from reality
but this was fantasy
lifted from fanciful notions
not meant to last forever
casting your heart in commotion
so when life rudely interrupted
I blithely walked away
never at all considering
you wanted to have a say
I thought it was a ploy
the tears gathering in your eyes
but when your voice shook
I was caught by my lies
so it's all my fault
falling for you this way
never ever believing
you'd want to have a say

i think this woke me up and made me crash

Thanks Anna! ;)

Bitch Slap
WGL as Hot Wire

I like how his character's girlfriend is Asian. Kickass! ;)

Mercy Air
WGL as Noah Weaver

The above is from something called Mercy Air. I can hope that it actually gets picked up and aired, right? Now that would rock! :D

I'm trying to recreate my Ryan Gosling site. I want to neaten up and just let it sit. Maybe update bits here and there. But nothing too drastic. I found that I didn't have all the files I needed. Sucks! But thanks to, I've found a lot of what I wanted! (Mostly the "encounters" section.) I love the internet!

Oh, and what's up with LoudTwitter FINALLY updating and posting four daily tweets posts? Geez. LOL!

Kiari with Hades and Ares

One of these days I need to get that portrait framed. It's been how long since it was done? Ye gods!

ETA: And why did I not know that Jensen was at Comic Con? How is it I'm finding out now?
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