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my daily tweets

  • 09:45 Is twitter working? #
  • 11:41 @greyeyegoddess you should have rested after the long drive. Oh and just a little jealous you met JDM. Lol! #
  • 11:54 @Surabufix I hope everything is okay there! #
  • 15:28 sad about scrabulous! but rick springfield's new cd came out today, so i might just have to spend some gc $s. #
  • 15:37 @bitchtude I might do that when I get home. did you hear he's on GH?! my cousin saw him today on the show! oh, and someone i know met JDM. #
  • 15:41 @bitchtude yes, she met him at comic con. said he has a great smile. i'm jealous and i don't even like him "like that." lol! #
  • 15:49 @bitchtude she's not that into him, but her friend has pics. hopefully she'll put them up. lol! you'll be cool when you meet him. ;) #
  • 15:49 @bernadetteb mmmm, chocolate sounds so good right now! #
  • 15:55 @bitchtude I have faith, you can do it. I don't think I'll ever get too nervous unless it's ackles or something. lol! #
  • 16:04 @bitchtude I'd need you and @surabufix there if i'm to meet JA. Someone has to take awesome pictures of us! #
  • 16:06 Hoping the next 20 mins scoot by quickly #
  • 16:09 @bitchtude for sure! although i think i can keep myself in check. at least until it's over. lol! #
  • 16:20 @bitchtude oh, it could be dangerous, us meeting the fellas at the same time. who would keep us calm and cool? yikes! #
  • 16:21 almost time to head out! yah! this is me hoping no one walks through the door in the next five... #
  • 16:25 @bitchtude I won't. And someone came in! Good thing it only took a couple of minutes. lol! #
  • 21:31 - Me and Saffy #
  • 23:29 new at LJ - maybe one day #
  • 23:29 new at LJ - etc #
  • 06:51 @bitchtude ye gods! What the heck. Glad you're okay. #
  • 09:27 - Breakfast #
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