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The last day at SRJ...

Today is my last day of work.  SCARY!!!

I'm going in early because day shift is having lunch for me.  I think they just wanted an excuse to have a potluck.  LOL!  But seriously, it's totally sweet of them to do this, even if I do have to go in early to enjoy it.  Hey, at least I'll be in my regular clothes.  I'm not putting my uniform on until it's time for me to go to work.

I haven't really taken a lot of pictures at work this week.  I've taken one at the end of each day because I'm weird, but not many of my co-workers.  I figure I'll take a lot of pictures today.

I hope it's an easy day at the desk.  I really don't think I want to deal with too much crap.  Plus I have to do more "exiting" ie turn in my keys, my badge, etc.  And then I need to clean out my locker, clear up my desk, etc.  So really, I don't think I'll have much patience for too much work.  LOL!

I hope I don't cry.  That would suck...

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