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save your tears

save your tears
don't waste them here
no one can help you
so face your fears
save your sorrow
sure we understand
but we don't have answers
within reach of our hands
save your despair
we don't have the cure
so crash with the waves
alone you must endure

I will be glad when this week is over. It's been busy. It's like the quiet moments during the summer have now demanded their due and this week is the payment. Do you ever get that feeling?

We had ants at work. They're starting to disappear from the traps scattered about.
yesterday's ants

I wish I were at Comic Con!!! Every year we say, "Next we're going." We just need to finally go to Wonder Con. Maybe next year. ;)

Thoughtful doggies

I like this shot of the doggies. :)

Tomorrow is Friday and I am glad. I don't have to talk to parents for the first part of the day. Yah! Happiness and joy!
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