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Mondays, bah!

Isn't she cute?!

Winter is just not my favorite time of year. It's cold and wet and mostly dreary. I wish I were like the bears and hibernated until spring. Bah.

Holli slept a little better last night. We had her in the mesh carrier at the foot of the bed between us. She still cried a lot, but not as much. I know this puppy stage won't last forever, but it feels like forever already. LOL!

I haven't been keeping up with my baseball boys, but I did see that the A's signed Joe Kennedy to a one year deal. I hope they also reach a deal with Mark Ellis 'cause it'll be sad if he's not on the team.

I can't believe Christmas is this weekend. Ye gods! Our company luncheon is on Wednesday and we're doing our Secret Santa thing and I still need to buy my Secret Santa gift. Ye gods!

with Gianni on Saturday night

I think I'm going to wear the above shirt at the convention next month. I'm still excited about the convention, even though I haven't heard from anyone since last week. :P Is it weird that I have my wardrobe picked out for the convention? Oh well! Creation finally added a Hades pic to their Burbank page, but it isn't one I sent to them. Bah! It's still a good picture though. ;)

And here's one more of Holli for good measure:

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