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Randomly speaking...

Sarah Jessica Parker in Pleasanton - Who would have thought? LOL! But there are pictures and everything. Gotta love the local news. :)

The Watchmen trailer is up! I confess, I've never read the comic (my "serious" comic reading can be narrowed down to the Infinite Crisis series, which had me crying at a certain point). But I know someone who'll appreciate the couple of screenshots I did




Oh, and in the WHAT THE HELL?! department, we have A's trade Blanton to Philadelphia. Seriously, is Billy Beane trying to send me to an early grave? Is he trying to kill my love for the A's? I'm not the big Joe Blanton fan, but come on! No Swisher, Scutaro, Kotsay, Harden, Gaudin, etc. and now Blanton.

But the good news is that today is Thursday, THE DARK KNIGHT is actually going to be at my local-as-in-walking-distance movie theatre this weekend, and the A's are playing against the Yankees tomorrow in New York. :)

Bright side, bright side!

ETA: Did anyone see the Psych commercial?! Shawn and Gus were singing "Ebony and Ivory." HILARIOUS. Comes back tomorrow!
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