Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

my daily tweets

  • 01:20 thinking i should go to sleep but i want to write. maybe. #
  • 01:28 new at LJ - moments etched in sand #
  • 01:28 new at LJ - my daily tweets #
  • 09:19 i had a weird dream about going to the senior ball and needing shoes mere hours before the dance and not finding any! #
  • 10:40 contemplating the jesse mccartney album but not really knowing why. maybe it's the gift cert wanting some use. #
  • 10:42 - Doggies at rest #
  • 11:03 @wahlee you've got it! oh, maybe just one the one song leavin' for now. LOL! i keep seeing the video and the song is catchy. #
  • 11:08 @wahlee take your time. :) i'm listening to jmraz right now. lol! #
  • 13:13 @wahlee Got it! THANK YOU! :D I'm going to make a cd later with that song and nkotb and some other stuff. lol! #
  • 13:20 @wahlee I'm a sucker for them even now. I loved them back in the day. #
  • 13:58 @wahlee but donnie was good in boomtown. did you ever watch that show? it was good! #
  • 14:10 @wahlee nope, cops, detectives, lawyers, ambulance people. it looked at a crime from different perspectives. something like that. lol! #
  • 14:27 @wahlee you're too good! :) #
  • 16:19 My A's lost. How disappointing. #
  • 18:38 Taco Bell is another weakness of mine. #
  • 18:42 @Surabufix I tried to show some restraint by only having tacos. LOL! #
  • 18:53 @bitchtude I should have gotten a empanada. #
  • 19:21 We're watching The X-Files. Getting ready for the release. #
  • 21:28 cursing my itunes for freakin' out at the moment. bah!!! #
  • 21:42 @emilychang does the mobile flickr app resize the photo (like the email does) or does it upload the original file? #
  • 23:27 new at LJ - let me #
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