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my friday

My Friday was a full day. For me anyway. And it involved a lot of walking. For me anyway.

My work day was a short day, the last day of our "summer hours." It was also jeans day. Our jeans days will now go back to the last Friday of the month. The workday flies when you only have to be there for four hours. LOL!

After work, we headed out to Livermore to visit Meggie! Ahhh, My Meggie girl. Such a good girl. I took pictures, of course. :)

visiting Meggie!

visiting Meggie!

visiting Meggie!
here with Gizmo, Saffy's little brother

After our Meggie visit, we headed out to Hayward. We had a late lunch at Val's Burgers. Mmmmm! I ordered the Baby Burger. We shared onion rings. It was yummy!!! The burger was what you'd expect - fresh and tasty. The onion rings were very good. I wish I had been hungry enough for a milkshake, but that will have to be for next time.

val's burgers in hayward
we sat under the clock

val's burgers in hayward
we could see everything

val's burgers in hayward
my lunch

Next stop was Cal State East Bay. It used to be called Cal State Hayward. Whatever. I graduated from there, so it was interesting walking up to Warren Hall and feeling slightly nostalgic. Truthfully, it made me miss school. I liked being a student. I liked learning new things. Such is life.

visiting CSUEB

visiting CSUEB

After our short stop in Hayward, we headed back home. We went via Concord and ended up stuck in traffic. But we eventually got home and rested for a very short bit before heading out to downtown for the Brentwood Cornfest 2008. Yes, the Cornfest. Oh, and we walked from our house. We live close enough to downtown to walk to Cornfest. Awesome. :D

Friday evening at Corn Fest
kettlecorn in the making

I haven't been to a fair type thing in a long time, so this was a bit of an adventure. But it was fun! All these people milling about, the different food smells, beer for four tokens and not worrying about who's going to drive home, live music-- all good things. Of course, I'm still a bit bemused by the fact that I live in a town where people are starting to look familiar to me. As in, "Oh hey, I know that kid." Or recognizing one of the ladies at the beer booth. Yes, those things are not usual things to me, so I can't help but think I've fallen into some kind of time warp sometimes.

Friday evening at Corn Fest
guess what I wanted...

Friday evening at Corn Fest

Friday evening at Corn Fest
yes, churros are my weakness

It's a little weird walking the streets that I drive everyday, seeing bunches of people just wandering around eating where cars pass everyday. It was also rather hazy, so the whole time there felt a little surreal.

Friday evening at the Corn Fest

And I must say, the corn I had was INCREDIBLE. It was roasted and lathered with butter. It was so tasty and sweet and easy to eat. Just thinking about it makes me want more!

Friday evening at Corn Fest

We walked around, drank some beer, had some corn, etc for a couple of hours. Even though I had pass for the fireworks, I knew that I wouldn't last staying until then and then walking home. Plus I didn't want to walk home after dark. So we headed out and walked back home sometime after 8pm. The fireworks went off at about 9:45pm and we could see them (especially the high ones) from our house. How cool is that? :D

I think I wouldn't mind going again this weekend. If only for the food! Oh, and Juice Newton is performing on Sunday. Juice Newton! Isn't that just a little crazy? :P

Here are the rest of my pics from Friday at Cornfest.

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