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sometimes you cry
without meaning each tear
sometimes you laugh
without reaching inside
sometimes you run
never fast enough
sometimes you stall
unsure of it all
sometimes you rush
ahead of everyone
sometimes you push
not caring for anyone
sometimes I forget
the way you loved
sometimes I remember
everytime we fought
sometimes I miss
your unique comfort
sometimes I wish
once more your hand in mine

The boss bought me a Jamba Juice!
my boss brought me jamba juice!

Mark Mulder on the mound

The husband started recording the St. Louis Cardinals at Philadelphia Phillies game so that I could see my boy Mark Mulder in his first start of the year. I was excited! I had my camera out. I took pictures of my TV!

Mark Mulder on the mound
he's number 30

Mark Mulder on the mound

Mark Mulder on the mound

Mark Mulder on the mound

Perhaps I got carried away taking pictures of Mulder considerin he pitched a whopping ONE THIRD OF AN INNING. He struck out his first batter, then walked two, then was done. He couldn't even get out of the inning!

Mark Mulder on the mound

Mark Mulder on the mound
mulder is pissed and larue the catcher is sporting a variation of "mutton chops"

Mark Mulder on the mound
he was very pissed, i think

Mark Mulder on the mound
i like how he towers over everyone

And then his night on the mound was over. Just like that. On national tv.

Oh Mulder.

Still love ya!
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