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Our new addition!

We woke up at 0545 hrs and were out the door by 0700 hrs to Pacheco. (Our navigation doesn't know where "Pacheco" is because it still thinks that area is Martinez.) Anyhoo, we traveled all that way and so early in the morning (for us) to pick up the following cutie:

She's a miniature black and tan dachshund and the smallest of the bunch we saw. In the spirit of the season (and because we really couldn't think of another name), we're calling her Holli. Yes, just like that. ;) Big sister Meggie (the lab) is quite curious and likes sniffing her, whereas Saffy (the Yorkie) is mostly ignoring her so far. Awwww. Funny thing is that Holli's breeder lives out in Manteca, which is closer to us than the Pacheco lady is to her. (If that makes sense!)

Just had to share. :)
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