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every word a lie

every word a lie
in the face of today
each sensation a mockery
an insult to eternity
why make promises
knowing they will break
making you the liar
untrue in every way
was I merely pratice
rehearsal to another
cast aside with little regard
left to relive every moment
drowning in sorrow undeserved
every word a lie
hurting even now
each sensation a memory
holding back my destiny

Mulder to make his first start of year on Wednesday - WOOHOO!!! I hope he has a good outing. I hope it's on tv because I want to see him pitch. :D

NADAL!!! Wow, I don't watch tennis, but that was a good one between Nadal and Federer. Ye gods!

I hope the A's at least tie in this 9th inning. Please?
Tags: poetry
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