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how can it be

how can it be
you've gone on
left me behind
nursing this heartache
it hasn't been long enough
since we said good bye
the tears are still fresh
searing hot in my heart
how can it be
you've gone on
left me behind
struggling to find my way
bereft of confidence
not matter what anyone says
darkness shields my hopes
desperation feeds me
how can it be
I can't go on
stalled in this limbo
knowing I must let go
afraid of the next step
reaching inward instead of out
the strength exists
but where is the key
how can it be
I can't go on
paused in this moment
grasping for inspiration
the poison is looking back
so how do I push it away
forget as you did
when you left me behind

Things I read and hear inspire my poetry at times. So it is above.

We had a nice 4th of July. Spent the day at our friends' house in Livermore. Ate a lot of ribs, drank some beer, watched the kiddies play in the pool.

4th of July
mine's the fruity one

4th of July
mmmm, deviled eggs!!!

4th of July

They did some fireworks, but got called out by a nosey old bitch who popped her head out from the backyard to complain. She claimed that the fireworks almost hit one of the little kids in her yard, yet none of the fireworks were aimed in the direction of her place. So what the hell?! You can hear her in the following video:

Freakin' spoilsports. Complain if something catches on fire, crazy old bitch.

Still, it was nice day all the way around. :D
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