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the gift of this muse

you don't deserve
the inspiration of my whispers
you cry for me
you beg for me
then you waste away
all the dreams I send
the vague notions so ready
waiting to shape and turn
at your will
oh spare me your tears
your promises mean nothing
if you don't realize
your potential wastes away
every moment you ignore
the gift of this muse

Tally this while listening to that
my desk today

In between tallying the graduate surveys (quite a tedious undertaking, I must say), I played around with my new phone, the Blackberry Curve alá Verizon. "But Shady Satin, didn't you already have a Blackberry Curve?" You might ask. To which I would answer, "Why yes, gentle reader, I did indeed have a Blackberry Curve. Twas the T-Mobile edition and fair as it was, it could not manage to keep a good signal in the house. And really, what's the use in telling people to call on the mobile if it doesn't work in the house?"

Thank goodnes for my iPod!
me glad that I have an iPod to play at work

Anyhoo, I could be fooling myself, but the camera fares better on the Verizon Curve than on the T-Mobile version. The flash isn't as harsh.

Holli profile
Holli profile

I can also do video on my new Curve! Okay, it's crappy at best, but it's also fun. :D

Like my little Jim-esque shrug? Yeah, that's talent. LOL!

After work we went to the post office. I stayed in the car and watched people walk by. I tweeted this:

walelia The post office is a busy place. People in and out. Hmmm, In N Out burgers sound good right now.

When the husband came back to the car and asked what I wanted to eat, I immediately replied, "In-N-Out!"

And so we went. I had a cheeseburger with everything, including onions. It was good.

My cheeseburger was yummy!
Mmmm, In-N-Out!

Now I'm hungry again. Boo!
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