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the moment you said no

hope bubbled and rose
taking over every dream
I dared believe in something true
ignoring the lurking unseen
sweet sunshine filled the sky
then one day everything shattered
the world turned upside down
I realized nothing would ever matter
not those hopes and dreams
spinning their useless tales to me
not the tears falling swift
a steady sorrow for all to see
every path erased or forbidden
I have nowhere to go
darkness took over my world
the moment you said no


Mark Mulder pitched this evening. He came out of the bullpen and pitched the ninth. We caught the very end of the game. And I was so happy to see him in uniform and on the mound. WOOHOO!!! :D

The Cardinals won, so the night started nicely. Oh, and I made dinner! :D

dinner tonight
chicken adobo

So far the only chicken dish I can make is chicken adobo. It's my favorite Filipino dish and quite simple to make. :D

corn on the cob
corn on the cob

My boss has a corn farm and he brought some corn on Friday for all of us. The corn is DELICIOUS!!! :D

dinner tonight
my plate for dinner

After dinner, we sat down and watched the A's game. Actually, I played on the computer and looked up at the game every so often. LOL! Greg Smith pitched a complete game! So awesome! :D

greg smith

greg smith

greg smith
aww, the smile

Oh, I was also playing around with my new toy.

purple phone

Doing the two phone thing for awhile. ;) We'll see how it goes. Purple!!!
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