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I'm always waiting

i'm always waiting
looking beyond now
eyes to the horizon
craving tomorrow's promise
I'm always waiting
still against the tide
marveling each pass
ever hoping to sweep away
I'm always waiting
watching life stroll by
tempted by everything
yet moved by naught
I'm always waiting
storing every moment
locked deep within dreams
reality merely a notion

The smokiness outside bothers me. When I drove out of the parking lot at work, I felt as though I was in some kind of post-apocalyptic world. It was just all brown and dusty with the sun beating down. Funny how rainy days don't gloom me out, but dusty dirty sunshine days do.

I bought new lipstuff at Bath and Body Works the other day, but I think it has the same stuff as Burts Bees and I'm allergic!

My lips feel big
swollen lips

SAD! I'm not sure what the ingredient is, but it certainly wreaks havoc upon my lips! Of course, if I ever needs to have big lips (or voluptuous lips, as someone might suggest), I know how to get them quick! ;) But then it's a week or so of uncomfortable lips. Bah.

Omigosh, did I mention that you can watch Young Hercules on Hulu?! Duuuuuude, Ryan Gosling in younger days. Yikes, like almost ten years ago younger days. Has it been that long? Have I really gotten that OLD?! LOL! Anyhoo, if you've got a hankering for some Young Hercules, check out

Is it wrong that I find the new New Kids on the Block song "Summertime" catchy? Part of me wonders if my latent love for them is merely bubbling up. Or if the song is really cute and catchy and worthy of my giddiness. LOL! I wonder how the rest of their songs will sound. I still love them. Oh heaven help me!

And I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to my cousin on his marriage to his longtime partner. CONGRATULATIONS BOB & CRAIG!!! Love you both!!!
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