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I have been forgotten

I have been forgotten
like dust blown away
dewdrops dried in sunshine
petals riding the breeze
I've been forgotten
like a song's fretful end
grace fallen so far
notes fading to silence
I've been forgotten
like snow melted away
streams long dissipated
drops lost to the air and sea
I've been forgotten
abandoned with no warning
pushed aside without a word
turned away with no regrets

You know what rocks? Netflix on demand. We have one of those Roku things and it's neat-oh! We have many things in our queue, among them: Xena (all seasons), Hercules (all seasons), The Office (all seasons), Forever Knight (all season?), various other stuff. I watched Xena and Hercules this past weekend because of our Roku. Yes, we have all the seasons on DVD but theyr'e still packed away. LOL!

My A's haven't scored yet. Boo!
Tags: poetry
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