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is it time to let you go

is it time to let you go
release this hold of memory
is it time to to let you fade
say goodbye and set this free
today leaves no reminders
tomorrow promises always new
yesterday belongs to dreams
unforgettable moments of you
but is it time to let you go
forget the sadness and tears
remember only laughter
smiles so bright and clear

If someone offered you a job on Twitter, what would you say?

My A's are on right now. They're trailing the Yankees, 2-1 in the top of the 5th. LET'S GO A'S!!!

Work has been all right ever since school let out. It's like a quiet reprieve from the madness. I love looking out the window and not seeing cars in the student parking lot. LOL!

I went over to the Kevin Smith Family Fund site and I was a little sad to read that they've decided to let the trust website go. And so I wondered, is it time for me to let him go too? But I made a promise to myself that as long as I had a domain (, I would always have a Kevin Smith site. A tribute to him, right? Right.

I started reading my sci-fi story yesterday. I want to write more to the story but I need to get back into that world. I like my sci-fi story. I've gotten to the point where I think to myself, "Wow, I wrote that?" LOL! And it makes me want to write more. :)
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