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just hope everyone forgets

when your delusions guide you
they'll lead you astray
oh so far from sanity
common sense so far away
when you fall headlong
right into the unforgiving abyss
don't expect rescue
with just one fervant wish
when your senses flee you
leaving only unacknowledged regret
don't expect forgiveness
just hope everyone forgets

So Plurk is going through some growing pains and Twitter keeps breaking down. Bummer! Plurk is fun if you can spend the day in front of the computer with impunity, but Twitter is so great for on the go. And so I don't compare the two. They're different to me. Now if Plurk gives more control over how you get your content off site, then maybe they'll be a serious contender to Twitter.

Just my say. :)
Tags: poetry
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