Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

my daily tweets

  • 06:55 @brettschulte I can't wait until Ryan G wins that Oscar because then I can say, "I met him when..." LOL! #
  • 11:13 @bitchtude I'm still here. :) I don't think it's broken. #
  • 11:35 I got to the microwave too late! Now I have to wait. Boo! #
  • 12:12 @bitchtude nah, I'm just working with just a side of plurking. Lol! #
  • 12:34 @bitchtude yeah, they try to call this work thing fun but I'm not buying it. Lol! #
  • 14:16 Enjoying the new Journey album. Liking how they're sound has stayed consistent. #
  • 14:17 Eww, spelling error on the last tweet! #
  • 17:27 @wahlee I know! He's pretty good. The CD rocks! :D #
  • 18:28 Wouldn't mind a nap but the internet and all its delights call to me... #
  • 19:49 @fr3dly hey, i was wondering about you! #
  • 19:51 listening to the new journey album. yes, again. but louder this time because i'm at home! :D #
  • 20:05 @wahlee Yuck! Are you okay? #
  • 20:15 @fr3dly still here and tweeting. :) not watching basketball. don't care about the two teams. it's baseball season now! let's go a's! lol! #
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