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And now it's the weekend! :)

I am so glad it's the weekend now. Yah!

We left work early. Woohoo! Always a good thing, except we didn't take lunch. Booo! Our plan was to go to the mall (YE GODS!) and do some Christmas shopping. We had a late lunch first. I had a Famous Star at Carl's. ;) And then we did the shopping bit. We bought stuff for our parents. And for myself (because I'm a selfish thing sometimes), I bought this CUTE Yorkie statue thing. It reminds me of my Saffy dog and it's just so adorable. I'll take a picture one of these days. LOL!

The mall wasn't so bad because we got there before four and left after six. We stopped at the grocery store for dog food, then headed home. I was tired by then. Pathetic, eh? LOL!

Once home, we watched a couple of movies. Well, the hubby watched one and I watched two. ;)

FANTASTIC FOUR - I enjoyed this one! Okay, I'll admit it, I have a soft spot for Miss Alba. She is so freakin' gorgeous. Kills me. But I really really enjoyed Chris Evans. He was funny and (dare I say?) quite hot. There, I said it. I mostly laughed because his character was a hoot! It's lovely seeing Julian McMahon too. All in all, a decent movie experience. I probably would have liked seeing it on the big screen. ;)

BLOOD OF BEASTS - Confession: I watched this one (actually, I BOUGHT this one) because one William Gregory Lee co-stars in it. It's a twist on the tale of Beauty and the Beast. (Its working title was actually Beauty and the Beast and it's still listed as such at the IMDB.) I pretty much expected slightly cheesy and I was not disappointed. ;) But I still enjoyed seeing Greg! And here's a production pic of him in character:

Greg as Sven in Blood of Beasts

One of these days I might do screencaps of the movie. :P

And I LOVE the Supernatural pic I posted a couple of days ago, so I made a userpic out of it. I fiddled with the image a bit. Love the guns. And other things. Hmmm...
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