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you've broken my heart

you've broken my heart
torn it to pieces
shattered the good parts of my soul
without a second thought
you've broken my heart
stolen all my good years
burned the goodness to ashes
stomped the embers out
you've broken my heart
ripping layer by layer
any laughter or smiles
leaving only bitterness and defeat
you've broken my heart
and I can't pretend
this doesn't hurt my whole being
while I sink into this dark comfort
for you've broken my heart

I can't stop looking at my new lj layout

I love my new top banner. THANK YOU wahlee!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! :D I love how it blends perfectly with the colors of the layout. :) And of course, it's Jensen, so that's half of it. LOL!

Sometimes I just want to vent and let out all this familial frustration. But I hold back when I post publicly. It's perhaps not appropriate to wonder aloud why your own family is insane in unacceptable ways. Know what I mean? Suffice to say that I will never ever understand my mother, but I will always love my father. And though I do love my mother as well, I cannot say that I like anything about the way she handles herself these days.

It's just not right.

My A's have disappointed me this evening by losing. Eric Chavez had a good game offensively though. Good for him! I'm glad he's back. Jack Hanahan makes me nervous for some reason. I don't like him at 3rd. :P

Since I've technically written two poems today, I may not write one tomorrow. We shall see. ;)
Tags: family, poetry
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