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swear forever exists

grace my fantasies
reveal the answers
before I question
entice sweet notions
unbidden yet welcome
without reservation
grace my dreams
swear forever exists
freeze this perfection

Here is where I'm going babble about LOST. Have you seen the finale yet? If not, read no further.


* Okay, so Ben moved the island. Ye freakin' gods!

* I love how Desmond and Penny reunited. Are they on the run now? Does this mean Penny knows about her crazy ass father?

* Did Widmore move the island and that's why he can't find it?

* Please tell me Jin is not dead. I refuse to believe that he is dead. He cannot be dead. I almost cried with Sun when the ship exploded.

* Christian Shephard keep appearing in crazy places. Is he a ghost? What is his purpose?

* Is Claire dead? If so, how the heck did she die?!

* I am ever so ever intrigued by the Richard Alpert character. He's so mysterious.

* I loved when Sawyer came out of the water and walked up to Juliet. But what happened to his shirt?

* First, how did Locke get off the island? Second, why was he going by the name Jeremy Bentham? And third, how did he die?

* Walt is so grown up!

* Hurley sees dead people? When do we get to see them?!

* How is Jack going to get everyone back to the island?

Thoughts: I really liked this finale. We got some answers, we got more mystery. I love the mystery. I love the answers. I love that I can just talk about this forever and ever and ever. LOL!

I look forward to the next season and hope that we see more of Richard Alpert. I think he has many answers and insights.

I wonder if the island has also jumped forward in time or if we'll see it in the show's past.

I love time travel. I hope we get more of that. Tis wicked cool. :)
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