Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

tomorrow promises nothing

tomorrow promises nothing
merely hope unrealized
faithless and mocking
tomorrow promises nothing
merely notions of forever
easily forgetten and tossed
tomorrow promises nothing
merely misty dreams
untouchable and unreachable

I'm flipping the channels between the Spurs/Lakers game and the Giants/Diamonbacks game.  I think my basketball love is fading a bit.  If the championship series ends up Lakers and Celtics, I'm sending all my love to baseball.

Barry Zito is pitching against Randy Johnson.  I didn't realize Randy Johnson was still playing.  LOL!  Game is tied.  And not in HD. Why am I watching again?  Oh yeah, ZITO!  I still like that crazy guy.

I'm writing from Multiply and I just realized that I'm still going to have to back into Livejournal to set my user pic.  The default is only really used for my daily tweets post.

I'm really just waiting for the season finale of LOST.  I'm excited!  But I'm not acting like it.  I hope it's good.  I know I'll be mad at the end because it will be over and there will be too much waiting for the season to start up again.

I must catch up on SUPERNATURAL.

Isn't that a funny picture?  Holli was all anxious to go out and then she immediately wanted to come in.  What's up with that?  :)


Tags: etc, poetry
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