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just once

just once
you'll see
my eyes
my smile
only for you
just once
you'll hear
your name
on my lips
only for you
just once
you'll remember
the spark
the wonder
only for you
just once

Omigosh, so someone from Comcast tweeted at me regarding my Comcast outburst on Twitter. Crazy, eh? He wanted to know what the problem was and how he could help. Ye gods!

Sunday in San Leandro

I'm going to call him Smushie Face. :)

I've codenamed an unborn baby "Pualani." Cute, eh? LOL! It means "heavenly blossom." I think. :)

Let's go A's! Looks like the broadcast is working and tonight is a game in HD. Love! Rich Harden is pitching. He needs to shave that fuzz stuff on his chin. Who told him that was cute? Not me!
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