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always out of reach

quiet in the sun
sky above ever changing
always out of reach

It takes forever to upload videos. Ugh.

Sunday in San Leandro

As my friend tweeted, even three day weekends seem to FLY. Not fair, I say!

Sunday in San Leandro

I'm bummed I didn't have any fish at my parents' house yesterday. Darn it!

Sunday in San Leandro

This little boy is such a cutie! I love baby rolls. :)

Sunday in San Leandro

My face got so oily last night! But isn't the little girl cute? She's a sweetie. She and her sister liked my green nails. LOL!

Sunday in San Leandro

I feel like I totally could have eaten more. Darn it!

I spent most of today on the computer playing around with the opening page of I wanted to make it my one stop place, as opposed to And so it is done. I might change it again sometime, but check it out if you'd like. I still don't feel quite right about it. I want the graphic that says Kiari's Corner to stay, so trying to figure something around that is what's making me a little crazy. It'll do for now, I suppose...

Kiari's Corner
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