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you'll forgive me

you'll forgive me
if I don't look your way
acknowledge your glance
so fully of questions
you'll forgive me
if my eyes don't see you
look past the begging
ready to break the calm
you'll forgive me
if I merely laugh at the past
mentioned in cautious passing
dismissed with such ease
you'll forgive me
if my smile doesn't include you
merely mesmerizing you
laughing at your discomfort
you'll forgive me
if I walk away in laughter
leave you forgotten
hanging on to yesterday

Fangirl trappings

I'm a nerd, right? I printed up the picture of me and Wil Wheaton and it's sitting on my computer desk. Next to my A's babooshkah. Mulder, Zito, Hudson, Hernandez. :) I just opened up my nesting doll and I never realized that I could open up Hernandez. How funny!
Tags: poetry
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