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silent in the day

the stars fall slowly
fading into the morning
silent in the day

I met Wil Wheaton today! :D

Super Con


I don't know why, but I was totally silly and kept saying that. I've been reading Wil's blog for awhile now and of course I had watched him as Wesley Crusher, so it was a neat-oh experience meeting him. He's a swell fella and quite nice.

The only reason I knew about Super Con in San Jose was because Wil Wheaton mentioned it on his blog. And when I saw the mention, I thought about perhaps going. As the weekend approached, I thought, why not?

We weren't sure which day we were going to go. Yesterday ended up being a lazy day, so we today we headed out to San Jose and Super Con.

We got in and wandered around and eventually found Wil at his table. There were a couple of people talking to him, so I went over and looked at his table and waited for his attention. A fellow was before me and he gave Wil this black t-shirt that said "sci-fi" in Greek letters. (So psi phi.) Wil was stoked and kept saying, "Why didn't I think of that?" LOL! It was cute. The t-shirt was given to the guests, from what I overheard. ;)

And then it was my turn. I asked Wil the cost of his latest book, then got some money from the hubby. I asked for a picture and he of course said yes. :) He walked out from behind his table and I introduced myself. He said my name a couple of times so that he would remember when he autographed my copy of his book.

Super Con

I said thank you after it all and I was quite happy after I walked away. He's a sweet guy!

The husband and I wandered around the rest of the con. I wish I knew more about comics because it seems like they had a lot of different stuff and different people there. Maybe I'll do research for next year.

During our wanderings, we passed by Jorge Garcia's table. He wasn't there but the gal sitting there looked SO FAMILIAR. I commented to the hubby, who told me to ask her. So I did.

It was Alice! We first met in Pasadena 2001, even though we probably actually first saw each other in Palo Alto 2000. :)

pasadena 2001

Super Con
today in san jose

Alice and I ended up chatting for awhile. It was great catching with her! Isn't it funny meeting up with folks you've met before? And she remembered me as Kiari. I was rather delighted. LOL!

I didn't get to meet Jorge Garcia, but I did see him. Alice says he's nice guy and the folks who met him seemed to like him. :)

Super Con
jorge garcia at the autograh table

Speaking of Jorge, he wasn't able to do his 2pm talk and when we wandered over there at around 2pm, I was surprised to see it was Wil! We sat down and listened to him. He was funny and easy to listen to. He answered the few questions with a lot of thought and such. Just a delight. Oh, and I managed a few clips. :)

Here's one of him talking about the episode "Datalore."

Besides the book, I also bought a Supernatural t-shirt. Specifically, a Dean Winchester t-shirt. I'm such a nerd.

My new t-shirt

A good day in all. :)
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