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this one last goodbye

give me one reason
just one to stay
please give me a reason
not to walk away
now it's not enough
just to say the words
now it's not enough
to ease away the hurt
do you have a way
to warm my heart
or is this your way
to tear me apart
you can't give me
any reasons why
so now I'll give you
this one last goodbye

I like when I'm up after midnight and the creative bug obliges. :)

The last Netflix in the house was PS I LOVE YOU. I don't know why, but Hilary Swank bugs the heck out of me. Still, the movie was entertaining, especially Jeffrey Dean Morgan's much too small part. Ah, and Harry Connick Jr was such a sad puppy in the move, but he was still sweet. The movie seemed to drag a bit though. Was it just me?
Tags: poetry
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