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in a universe parallel

in a universe parallel
love blooms unhindered
coasting the beams of sunshine
in a universe parallel
tears accompany laughter
soaring with the lift of breezes
in a universe parallel
memories bring music
sweetening every forgotten dream
in a universe parallel
forgiveness does not exist
erasing guilt in one fatal sweep
in a universe parallel
life turns unexpectedly
winding its way unpredictable
in a universe parallel

Have you read Catcher in the Rye? I have, though it's been awhile. I decided to check it out of the library today.

Library books

(insert a little sarcasm here)

Did you know that they cuss in that book? They say the F word. Did they really say the F word back in 1951? Holy crap!

Let's see, we're in 2008 and people still complain about a book written over 50 years ago. You've got to love it. But come on, "I certainly don't say words like that and my daughter should not be subjected to reading something like that... because kids think that if it's written in a book then it's okay to say outloud."

Really? I mean, really? Your kid can't figure out the difference between a crazy boy in a book and real life? Is your child that impressionable? Do you not trust that you have taught her between right and wrong? Does your child keep her ears closed when she's out and about in the quad so that she won't hear other kids cuss here and there like it's the next best thing to sliced bread?

And how can you complain about a book that you've obviously not read?

I think that's what kills me, when people complain about things they've not read or watched. How can you INTELLIGENTLY argue against something that you haven't read or watched? It's like when one of my aunts protested a movie but she never saw it. (I think it was The Da Vinci Code or something. Whatever my fellow crazy Catholics protested back then.) You're arguing with heresay and how foolish is that? It's just foolish.

Or maybe it's just me.

I've said a lot in a public post, eh?

Dinner tonight

My dinner.

Oh, The Office is on!!!
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