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I'll watch you

I'll watch you
from the edge of light
cloaked by the shadows
muted by despair
I'll watch you
from tomorrow's view
moving with the mists
spinning just out of reach
I'll watch you
from yesterday's tears
felled by the outpour
floating without direction
I'll watch you
from this whisper of goodbye
lost in the breeze
soft as the unspoken sigh

The refrigerator door

Our refigerator door. We finally unboxed our new printer and I printed up some shots. They came out rather nicely.

The work monitor

Holli graces my work monitor. :)

What the heck Barry Zito?! I hope the bullpen stint helps him out. I really hate seeing Zito lose game after game. He's so much better than that. I believe it, I do. But no matter what, I still love him. :)

Oh Zito.
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