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I should be getting ready for work...

But I'm wandering the internet and found myself at the IMDB, as oftentimes I do. After looking up George Eads (I wasn't sure how to spell "Evel Knievel"), I went to Ryan Gosling, then Rachel McAdams, then back to Ryan Gosling, then to Young Hercules, and clicked on Chris Conrad. He hasn't done anything since Young Hercules (alas!). I clicked on his bio and skimmed through it. Then I got to the stuff on the bottom. First off, it says he's been married since 1999 AND second that he has a daughter named Cameron born in the same year!

I'm just a bit wary and curious. A couple of years ago, I was contacted by one of his brothers and he told me about Chris' then current occupation and his plans but didn't say anything about him being married or having a child. Not that it matters, of course.

Anyhoo, wondering what Chris looks like? Here's a pic of him from the Santa Monica Xena convention, taken by me:

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