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one glance
he's caught
one smile
she stops
one breath
they share
one beat
they reach
one nod
he knows
one grin
she waits

It's already today and I should be asleep but I'm uploading my pictures from the Cardinals at Giants game. The Cardinals won. :)
Giants vs. Cardinals
churros rock like nobody's business

Giants vs. Cardinals
my ticket!

I was a little sad that Zito decided to once again suck tonight. Even though I was totally cheering for the Cardinals, I still wanted Zito to have a good game. Darn you, Barry! You could have at least had a better game. Ugh!

Giants vs. Cardinals
I like the scruff though

And then I was happy to see Pujols hit a homerun. A three run shot that gave the Cardinals the lead. Yah! :D

Giants vs. Cardinals

It was a BEAUTIFUL night at the ballpark. I never needed the sweatshirt I brought with me. So goofy. But I bet if I had left it in the car, I would have froze. Better to be prepared. And I will always say this, the Giants have a GORGEOUS baseball park. Gorgeous!

Giants vs. Cardinals

Giants vs. Cardinals
oh, and my A's won!!!
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