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sitting with just the computer's glow

Holli with her monkey

Just thought I'd share.

Been super lazy. What's new? ;)

Watched I AM LEGEND. Will Smith is a good actor. The movie was a bit desolate.

I started reading a story I had started a few months ago and now I want to continue writing it. The characters don't have names yet though.

I would love some spark of creativity to light my imagination. Is it too much to ask?

my messy desk

My desk is such a mess.

So much basketball. No wonder they call it madness. It's insane!

Caught a bit of baseball yesterday. The White Sox and the Giants. Saw Zito on the mound and Swisher at the plate. I already miss Swisher. I didn't think I would, but I can feel it creeping in.

I'm toying with changing my layout here, but I love my top banner too much. Oh, and it's a lovely green here. So I probably won't change it at all.

I forgot to put lotion on my face. Alas.

I should email my friend. Yes, maybe I'll do that...
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