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I've pretty much giving up on the whole doing 50,000 words, but I will keep working on the story until it's finished. Next year, I'm starting something fresh. ;) Maybe a segment of my sci-fi epic or something.

First of all-- I must wait until MARCH to find out what happens next?! BAH!!! Personally, I didn't like how it ended. It wasn't as over the top as I had hoped. And hello, I thought they were actually going to break out! Not in a halfway out kind of way. I fully expected to see them at least on the outside driving away or something. Way to leave us hanging. I HATE FOX. I only watch the shows because they're well done. It's just a shame they're on FOX.

Second-- Lincoln is headed for the chair for killing a man who isn't even dead?! HOLY COW! Now that's a good one. Great twist. But what the hell happends next?!

Third-- Why did the janitor have to be so observant?! New pipe?! And then the prison guard heard the metal drop to the floor in the maintenance room. Aaaack!!!

Fouth-- Why did Bad Agent 1 kill Bad Agent 2? And why didn't Bad Agent 2 just give the damn list to Veronica? Then he wouldn't have gotten killed (at that moment anyway) and she would have evidence showing Lincoln is innocent. Now all she has is the fact that the dead man isn't dead.

Fifth-- I have to wait until MARCH to find out what happens next?! That's so not right!!!

Oh well, the break just gives me a chance to catch up on Supernatural. Ahhhh, Jensen. ;)

It's gray and gloomy outside. Twas raining on the way to work.
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