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I took a super ridiculous amount of pictures at the Xena convention in 1998. What the heck whas I thinking? It wasn't like I was in love with Karl Urban or anything, yet I took about three rolls of mostly him. YIKES!

The more ridiculous thing, of course, is that I'm actually scanning a lot of the photos. LOL! Not all, but lots. Like around 70 or so. Crazy? Maybe a little.

Xena/Hercules Convention 1998
so serious

Still one of my favorite shots, that one above. :)

Xena/Hercules Convention 1998

Someone remind me again what he was doing here?

Xena/Hercules Convention 1998

A winning smile.

Xena/Hercules Convention 1998
the shoes

Xena/Hercules Convention 1998

I'm showing him the artwork I was set to deliver. I wonder if he still has it. I hope so!
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