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A glimpse of my aunt's beanie baby collection on Thanksgiving...

I'm told that there are MORE beanies in the house.  She has about 600 of them.  YE GODS!  :D

My family came over on Friday.  It was so GREAT having them visit us all the way out here.  We ordered sandwiches from Togo's (have I mentioned that I do not cook?).  We all hung out and watched tv.  My sister is obsessed with Grey's Anatomy, so she was looking for it online.  ;)  I showed off my appearance on the Xena Season 6 DVD extras.  Is that nerdy or what?  LOL!  It's weird seeing myself on tv, but my brother-in-law said I looked comfortable on camera.  LOL!  :D

yesterday with Gizmo...

We spent the day yesterday at the in-laws for Thanksgiving dinner with them.  The food was great!  Our friend brought her two dogs, one Rott and the other a Great Dane.  Charlie (the Great Dane) is only six months but he's HUGE!  Holy cow!  Sophie, the Rottweiler, is very sweet and calm...  I accidently stepped on Gizmo yesterday.  He avoided me for awhile, then came and snuggled with me towards the end of our evening there.  Awwww.

I had a dream about George Eads/Nick Stokes.  (Not sure if he was in character or not.)  I can't remember anything except touching his hair.  Darn it, not fair!  ;)

Today is the last day of the long weekend and we get to drive to H-town for a surprise bday party.  How fun is that?  ;)  Is it a good idea to surprise an almost 80 year old woman?  Hmmm.  I'm bringing my video camera.  Must document the moment.  :D
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