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I still remember crying

Kevin Tod Smith

It's really just amazing how much he brought into my life. I am so lucky to still have the friendships forged in those wonderful days of mutual adoration of this wonderful and talented man. And I am ever grateful.

Here's the poem I wrote last year for him. I still feel the same, so there it is.

life has gone on
time pushes forward
the minutes marching
the weeks winding
the seasons swaying
always onward
but just for this moment
this sweet
this bitter
this eternal moment
let me remember you
the way my heart would race
the way my imagination flew
the way my cheeks blushed
the way I swooned for you
let me remember those days
so very few
mere moments at best
so vivid in my memories
easy to spring from rest
let me cry a little
let me smile even more
let me glimpse your heaven
let me hold this evermore...
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