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Warriors vs Kings

I think I'm really getting into the whole basketball thing. I've always liked watching the game live, in person. But the Warriors have really drawn me in this year. It probably helps that we have season tickets, eh? ;)

Warriors vs Kings
Mmmm, churros!

At the last game, I wanted a churro, but the churros dude only came by once and I wasn't quick enough that one time. So the first time he came around last night, I snapped one up. It was so good. My mouth is watering at the thought of it right now. Mmmm!

Warriors vs Kings

Our row was empty at the beginning. But the folks soon showed up and we were dutifully packed in.

Warriors vs Kings

Is it wrong to take pictures during the national anthem?

Speaking of, the gal who sang (a lovely rendition, btw) looked familiar to the husband. Her name is Nina Vieira. She sounded good and it's too bad she doesn't have a full CD out. :P

Warriors vs Kings

The husband pointed out the t-shirt. I was amused enough to take a picture. He's a season ticket holder too and brought his kid, who didn't seem too interested in the game. Shame! But better than the one dude he used to bring. Drunkard.

Warriors vs Kings
Monta Ellis at the line

Monta Ellis had a great game. He rocked! :)

Warriors vs Kings
two dudes

Towards the end, people were moving around and these two clowns stood in front of the seats in front of us. They were odd. Yes, just a little odd.

Warriors vs Kings
And the Warriors win!

It was close most of the game, so it was pretty exciting. I love exciting, close games! :)

Warriors vs Kings

People move out of the arena FAST! But where are they going? It's almost a standstill in the parking lot.

Warriors vs Kings

Warriors vs Kings
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