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something is empty inside

something is empty inside
unsoothed by memories
lacking comfort in silence

something is empty inside
void of any reassurance
aching so hollow

something is empty inside
whirling through unspoken words
waiting for unfallen tears

something is empty inside
paused by the passing
hoping this will ease one day

Ro's passing has made me pause and rewind a bit. I spent a bit of time yesterday going through some old pictures online from the convention days. I never met Ro, but she was part of those wonderful days of talking Ares and Kevin Smith and the temple stories. When those days faded away, I was lucky enough to have her find me here on LJ and we got to share peeks into our lives.

I read her journal entries, smiled at the fun stuff, and hoped for the best in her battle with cancer. Her last entry gave me a chill and I didn't know what to say. So I didn't say anything. And now I wish I had at least said SOMETHING. ANYTHING. I think I was in denial.

When I read her husband's words this week, I couldn't feel anything. Just shock. I cried a little when I later read about how she visited her home. (I think she was there. I believe she's watching her husband, trying to comfort him.)

And now I'm reminded about my wonderful friends from those days, the friends I still have today. I am so ever grateful that you are all in my life...
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