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Isn't that just a funny word?

So, I belong to a community dedicated to a television show that can only be viewed on a pay-per-view channel. Of course, as is the nature of the internet, some people are obviously unable to view the show by normal means and have resorted to the internet. Officially, I don't condone such a thing (the whole downloading of copyrighted material and such), but if people are going to do it, they'll do it. Anyhoo, some "fan" of the show decided that if other "fans" are downloading the show illegally, then they're not really fans and he thinks it's "disgusting" and all of that. And he thought it was a productive thing to post to the community such a negative thing? Well, I found it rude and harsh. And it looks like the ones who commented also think the same thing. The jackass (hey, it's my LJ and I'll say it) replied back to some of the comments and said things like "I could care less" (about the other fans) or "to say it's unnecessary is wrong" (while admitting his post was rude and harsh). It just doesn't make sense.

I had commented at first but now I think it might just be better to leave it alone. Still, it really rankles me that this person thinks he can just say these things in a commuity. He should just rant on his own LJ and leave the community alone. I wish the moderator would put a stop to it. Alas.

Like my new Nick userpic? Yah!
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