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if love has forsaken me

if love has forsaken me
let me walk alone
if happiness has fled
let me face the solitude
if peace has turned its back
let me keep my balance
if honor hovers beyond my reach
let me know what is just
if love has truly forsaken me
let me forever search

Warriors vs Spurs
nails of disco dazzle

I knew they'd win the game because it was game 16. And there's just something about 16. ;)

Warriors vs Spurs

I usually like the Spurs. I think they're a good team. :) But the Warriors ROCK!

Warriors vs Spurs

Warriors vs Spurs

My first overtime game. :) And I didn't realize that Jessica Alba was there! Darn it! I think she was sitting on the Spurs side. Boo! At least I know her fella was likely cheering for the Warriors. Yah!

Warriors vs Spurs

I love it when they win.
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